Quality brake and tire repair in Norman, OK

When it comes to the breaks and tires on your vehicle, it is essential to keep them maintained for your own safety. We provide a professional service in Norman, OK for your peace of mind.

Professional tire services

When you’re looking for tire alignment, repair, or replacement in Oklahoma, Automobile Repair & Services are on hand to help. Whether your steering is off, or you have damaged or bust a tire, you can visit us for a cost-effective and efficient solution. We stock a comprehensive range of leading manufacturers and guarantee we have what you are looking for.

Keep your brakes in great condition

Over time, your brakes will experience wear and tear, and it is essential you receive the maintenance from professionals. For a brake inspection, repair, or replacement, you can rest assured our team of skilled mechanics can take care of it. Our main priority is to make sure your brakes stay working correctly, keeping you and your passenger safe.

Fix your car with us

Extensive knowledge in the industry

With a specialized team of technicians, our main priority is to provide you with quality brake and tire repair for your vehicle. It is essential to keep on top of any issues you might be experiencing with your car, as ignoring issues can lead to accidents. Our skilled and qualified technicians will make sure your vehicle stays safe on the road.